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$$x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}.$$
Learning together is FUN!
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What is GaRoot?

GaRoot is a simple, fast and yet sophisticated real time quiz gaming service where you create your own quiz based games and you can play in multi-player and single-player mode. GaRoot is still being beta tested.

How does it work?

  1. Author a new GaRoot
    A quiz can be gamified in less than 2 minutes depending on the number of questions. You can create a multi language learning game in less than 5 minutes. There are 7 question types to choose from.
  2. Host your GaRoot
    You will need a big screen (monitor, tele, projector etc) to show questions. As all users participating in the game could see the questions screen, your students, work mates, family or friends will get involved and have fun.
  3. Play
    A "game code" will be produced when you host a game. Your students, work mates, family or friends will join a GaRoot with the provided game code and answer questions shown on the big screen.
  4. Results
    Results can be viewed instantly after the game is completed. If you see any issues, please let us know.


8 Question types

Multi choice, Multi response, Math equation, Fill in the blanks, Open ended, True false, Correct sequence and Images as answers

Multi choice questions with images as answers

You can add up to 4 images as answer choices. A minimum of 2 answer choices are required. Only JPEG or PNG files are accepted. For better display results, please use 16:9 aspect ratio. Image library is not available for answer options.

Multiple play modes

Play in single player (public GaRoots), multi-player or team mode.

Question media

You can include rich media such as images (JPG and PNG) and YouTube videos in questions.

Image library

Search from over 1 million images. Safe search is on by default.

Auto pilot mode

You can leave the whole host in auto pilot mode where no manual action from host is required.

Between 1 - 500 players per game

Although upto 10,000 people can join your game, but we recommended upto 500 players per game.

Share your games

You can share your game in "Play only" or "Collaborate" mode with your friends or colleagues and give them whatever control you like

Full control on your data

You can make your GaRoot public or keep it private, you can delete it (if not public), you can delete the results etc


We only need to know your email address, nothing else is essential to play or host a game, players does not need an account at all.


GaRoot is FREE. Period.

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